Around Denmark on a Bicycle

Pelotome –
around Denmark on a bicycle.

My Life and Times

by Jerome K. Jerome

From £4,75

June 1895 – Published October 1897.

In Jutland With a Cycle.

Two years after the unaccredited Cycling in Jutland” series was published in Cycling magazine (31st August – 21st September 1895), this book appeared with a more detailed, different account of the same ride through Denmark, from Esbjerg to Aarhus on a “Sunbeam” safety bicycle, by the same Wolverhampton writer of non-cycling travel books “Letters from Crete”, “Sardinia and the Sards,” and (horseback) “Rides and Studies in the Canary Islands,

  • By Charles Edwardes.
  • Published by Chapman and Hall, London.


I’m currently crash dieting so that I can fit into my lycras in time for Summer so that I can retrace Charles Edwarde’s ride through Jutland!

~ Dan Nolsoe Olsen – Leirvik, Faroe Islands.

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