Around Russia on a Bicycle

Pelotome –
around Russia on a bicycle.

My Life and Times

by Jerome K. Jerome

From £4,75

1878? – published in Jan 1879.

Eydtkuhnen to Langenweddingen by Bicycle.

A 24 page account of “an attempt to ride from the Russian frontier to Calais” in winter, from Eydtkuhnen – the village on the East Prussian (German) side of the border (today the settlement of Eitkūnai in Chernyshevskoe, Kaliningrad, on the border with Kybartai, Lithuania) – to Calais, France.

After passing through modern day Kaliningrad (a Russian enclave) and Poland, the author abandoned his journey, due to thick snow, at Langenweddingen in Prussia – today part of Sülzetal, Magdeburg, “near Brunswick” (Braunschweig), – over 600 miles (877 km) into his journey.

The book contained “a miniature map and views photographed by the Woodbury Company, from pen and ink sketches by the traveller,” which he made over his 26 day journey, twelve of which were spent at various towns, with walking excursions.

The 34 year old author made a book reading at the Drill Hall, Bromley, Kent, England, on January 25th 1879.

  • by W.S. Yorke Shuttleworth.
  • Published by John Snow & Co., London.
  • (illustration from an old postcard, left, not from book).


An incredible collection of cycling books. I can’t wait for the Spring weather to arrive so that I can retrace the routes of some of these!

~ Lorenz Mueller – Basel, Switzerland.

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