Around Spain on a Bicycle

Pelotome –
around Spain on a bicycle.

My Life and Times

by Jerome K. Jerome

From £4,75

August 1881 – published in 1883.

Over the Pyrenees on a Bicycle.

Well known for his foreign tours in Bicycling News, under his nom de plume “Obadiah”, secretary of the Crichton Bicycle Club, Alfred M. Bolton’s “A Bicyclist’s Adventures Among the Spaniards; Médoc, Guienne, Gascony, Navarre, Guipuzcoa, Alava, and Castile” is an interesting account of his August and September 1881 cycle tour, with his friends Harold “Hal” Goodwin (of the same cycle club) and Gregorio Vignau de Lazcano (of the Cosmopolitan Bicycle Club of Paris), through the “comparatively unexplored” sunny “land of romance, dusky sierras, and historical associations”, on a “4 ft. 4 in. ‘Rucker’” with a “roomy and expansive ‘Clytie’ travelling bag”, armed with a small, handy pocket revolver and a huge dagger, in anticipation of encountering “lots of brigands and wild animals”.

  • by Alfred M. Bolton.
  • published by The Strand Publishing Co., London.


An incredible collection of cycling books. I can’t wait for the Spring weather to arrive so that I can retrace the routes of some of these!

~ Lorenz Mueller – Basel, Switzerland.

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