Cycling in Sweden.

Pelotome –
around Sweden on a bicycle.

~ A Bicycle Trip Through Norway and Sweden – Alfred M. Bolton (1883).

My Life and Times

by Jerome K. Jerome

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June 1882 – published in 1883.

A Bicycle Trip Through Norway and Sweden.

As well as “Over the Pyrenees”, Alfred Bolton had previously written “The Rocky North; a summer holiday among the fjelds, fjords and fosses of Norway”. He would revisit “the land of the fair-haired Norsemen”, with his “trusty bicycle as sole companion”, in June 1882, recounting his trip from Gothenburg to Vänersborg in Sweden, and from Christiania (Oslo) to Bergen in Norway for a brief three part series, published in the July 1883 pages of The Boy’s Own Paper.

  • by Alfred M. Bolton.
  • published as a series within The Boy’s Own Paper.


“On approaching the Swedish coast, I witnessed one of those glorious sunsets common to hyperborean regions.

The great luminary leaves its reflections for hours after it has sunk below the horizon, changing continually into endless tints.”

~ Alfred M. Bolton, A Bicycle Trip Through Norway and Sweden, 1883

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