One Hundred Miles on a Bicycle in 1869

In these days of velocipede wonders the following excursion may be considered the greatest feat yet accomplished. On Thursday morning last Mr. G. R. Noble, of Thirlby House, Woodford-bridge, mounted on one of Charles P. Button’s Improved bicycles, and, accompanied by Mr. H. E. Kaye, also of Woodford, started from the latter place at half-pastContinue reading “One Hundred Miles on a Bicycle in 1869”

Cycling with the Pennells

American writer and cycle “touring wheel-woman” Elizabeth Robins Pennell lived in London during the late 19th Century and, with her husband, was a pioneer in the art of writing bicycle travel books. Born into a prosperous banking family, her grandfather was a trustee of the First Pennsylvania Bank and president of the Philadelphia Bank whilstContinue reading “Cycling with the Pennells”